Cycle Carriers

Transporting your bikes has never been easier with our top-of-the-line cycle carriers. We offer a variety of options including Thule Cycle Carriers known for their durability and innovative design, Oris Cycle Carriers which provide reliable and sturdy bike transport solutions, and Maypole Cycle Carriers that are perfect for those seeking a balance of quality and affordability.


Cycle Carrier fitted to Hyundai car

Cycle carriers

While many people stack their bicycles on the roof rack, it is much safer and more practical to use a dedicated system that attaches to the towbar itself. This makes for better fuel economy, easier removal and attachment of the bikes themselves, and improved security and safety overall.

You can arrange to have your cycle carriers delivered, or if you prefer you can book an appointment with our team to have one fitted on-site. With decades of experience in the trade, we can be relied on to supply and fit high quality cycle carriers.




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