Cargo Boxes

Have a browse through our range of travel accessories designed to enhance your journey. Our Thule Cargo Boxes provide ample space and protection for your gear, Thule Luggage offers stylish and durable options for all your travel needs.


Dog in Crate in car boot

Dog Crates

For anyone with a dog who likes to take them on adventures and outings, a suitable dog crate is essential. Indeed, it is illegal to have a loose pet in your vehicle, and this could result in a large fine (up to £5000 according to the RAC) or invalidated insurance.

We stock a range of dog crates that go above and beyond in the name of your pets’ safety. With thorough crash testing, a design that fits well into the boot of most vehicles, and absorbs impact in the event of an accident. We also stock a wide range of dog crate accessories.



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