Maypole Roof Bars

We supply and install a wide range of Maypole roof bars, enabling you to transport luggage safely and securely.


Thule roof bars on car


Roof bars

With a Thule roof rack, from Towcraft , you are all set to head off on your adventures and make sure you have  everything you want. Our roof racks are a starting point for carrying the extra special gear that lets you live out your passions – with roof boxes, bike carriers, ski carriers, and kayak carriers. 

For each car brand and model, there is a Thule roof rack solution that fits. 

You can use a Thule roof rack for: 

Roof boxes - Extra space for all your gear 
Bike racks - Bring bikes of any kind – mount the bike rack quickly and easily
Water Sport Racks - Mount racks for kayaks, surfboards and SUP boards. 
Winter Sport Racks - Skis and snowboards – get ready for action in minutes. 

Maypole/Menabo produce a quality roof rack product at a more budget conscious price to the Thule product.



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